Sustainability Commitment

Here at UCX we are passionate and committed to doing our part to ensure we have a sustainable future. UCX have and continue to take a number of steps to help educate students on the three main sustainability pillars and ensure we are doing our part to contribute to a sustainable future. 

Sustainability is defined as fulfilling the current generational needs without compromising the needs of future generations, whilst ensuring there is a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being.

Each year in semester one we host a sustainability week, to help educate students on the main pillars that make up sustainability. A fun filled week to give you the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting
activities and events that inspire sustainable behaviours. From having a variety of fun workshops that
students can attend from sustainable cooking classes, sewing workshops and flea market's to composting workshops to help you learn how to be more sustainable and the benefits of the impacts simple changes
can make. The week is designed to raise awareness of sustainability and improve UCX’s sustainability
along with educating students that all three pillars of sustainability are equally important to address and maintain.

Did you know that just one university building goes through 150bags that’s 1,125KG of rubbish a day and this is what it looks like! To help combat the amount of unsorted waste that goes to landfill we are installing a new bin system in the refectory. Help us move towards a more sustainable future by disposing of your waste in the appropriate manner and remember "It’s not just rubbish." 30% of the items throughout these bags can be put in an organics bin and be composted, 15% of the items in these bags are cans and bottles that can be put in a return-it bin and 15% of the items in these bags are recyclable. By implementing this new bin system and with your help, we can reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill by 60% daily.


In 2020 we introduced the Food Pantry an initiative to give UC students access to free food supplies for those that don’t always have access to food. With majority of the items being non-perishable in order to avoid waste. Since the Food Pantry has opened, we have partnered with OZ Harvest and Second Bite to help combat waste in landfill, provide students with free groceries and move towards a sustainable and less wasteful future. Oz Harvest and Second Bite are food recovery services rescuing food that otherwise would have gone to landfill. They work with food growers, manufactures and retailers to rescue surplus and unsold edible food providing them to community groups and non-profit organizations that serve people in need.

We have also partnered up with Rosella Street an eco-focused online Marketplace to bring our students Thrifty UC. Thrifty UC is a second-hand marketplace where students can save money and help save the environment by recycling their items and reduce landfill.  The platform allows you to buy, sell, share, swap, rent and giveaway from textbooks, clothes, furniture and more you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. From every sale made a Bushfood tree is planted by Rosella Street in the remote Aboriginal community of Buymarr, located in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. The Buymarr Bushfood tree planting project creates a stable, sustainable source of nutrition, improves food security, reduces carbon dioxide, and ensures the land is healthy, supports passing on traditional knowledge related to the nutritional and medicinal benefits of each plant along with building a happy and healthy community. So far, the Thrifty UC community has donated $87 to community and environment initiatives, avoided 1240kg of waste going to land fill and have had 289 acts of good karma.

Here at UCX we are committed to helping combat the plastic pollution problem. Did you know an estimated 9 million tonnes of plastic waste enters water ways annually. To help eliminate our contribution towards the plastic pollution problem we have gotten rid of the majority of plastic packaging and have swapped to Biopak compostable packaging throughout all UCX outlets. We have also worked with the ACT Government and committed to be a part of the plastic reduction declaration, ensuring all our events are plastic free along with banning plastic balloons on campus.

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