At the University of Canberra, if you’re a professional athlete as well as a student, you can pursue your elite sporting career while studying through the UC Elite Athlete Program.

With tailored workloads and study timetables, plus complimentary access to the UC Fitx Gym, the Elite Athlete Program makes it easier to balance both your sporting and educational pursuits.

Being a member of the Elite Athlete Program gives you access to financial support schemes including:

  • Eldon and Anne Foote Elite Athlete Scholarships ($10,000)
  • UC Sport Elite Athlete travel grants (up to $1,000 per academic year for domestic and international travel to eligible elite athlete events)
  • the Elite Athlete Student Ambassador Program.

Learn more about UC Elite Athlete scholarships

UC will class you as an ‘elite athlete’ if you’re a recognised member, endorsed athlete, coach or referee with of one of the following organisations:

  • Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
  • state or territory institutes or academies of sports
  • professional players’ association
  • National Sporting Organisation (NSO)
  • Sport Australia-funded national squad
  • Sport Australia-funded national team
  • UC Sport discretionary athlete.


  1. Visit the MyUC Elite Athlete page
  2. Log into your MyUC account.
  3. Fill out and submit UC’s ‘Elite Athlete Application Form