Join UCX

A UCX membership is the ultimate way to get the most out of your Uni experience! For just $25 a year, unlock special perks, discounts and giveaways across all of UCX’s on-campus brands. Whether it’s saving a couple bucks off your chicken schnitty, getting a sweet deal on some UC merch or saving on your gym membership, we’ve got you covered. With a free UCX metal drink bottle and tote bag on sign-up, the value for money is awesome. Just purchase a meal, reap the savings rewards and the membership has paid for itself. Join UCX today and start saving on Uni life!

  • Free UCX metal drink bottle and tote bagupon purchase
  • 10% off food, drink, and merch at UCX outlets (UCEatsX , UCBarX and UCShop)*
  • 10% off drinks at UCLiveX gigs *
  • 10% off UCFitX gym membership
  • 20% off Stonefest tickets
  • Monthly “What’s On” newsletter to help you stay up to date with new offers & events

*Discounts available on selected products. Cannot be combined with other offers, promotions, or discounts. See full terms and conditions for details.

Becoming a member is easy. Click the ‘Join UCX’ button above and fill out the online form. Alternatively, scan the QR code on one of our UCX membership signs posted around campus and at UCX checkouts. Once you have paid for your membership, you’ll be given access to our online portal, which will contain your digital membership card. Present it when dining or shopping with us and remember to drop by UCShopx to grab your free UCX membership merchandise! 


For any issues or enquiries please email

Looking for a convenient way to get lunch & dinner every week? Our weekly meals program takes the hassle out of you having to buy groceries and cook your meals. Simply sign up and chose your meals per week for the semester. Once you are a member you simply head to the outlet you want to redeem your meal from, select your meal and have your card scanned at the checkout to redeem your meal.

The meal plan options are 5 Meals per week for $60 or 10 meals per week for $115.

The Global Kitchen will be open from Monday to Friday 11am-3:30pm for you to select a choice of a regular sized lunch box or a 6-piece chicken drumettes & chips for lunch.

The Noshery will be open Monday to Friday from 10am-2:30pm for you to select a large pack salad from the salads bar or any sandwich.

The UCBar will be open Monday to Friday from 5pm-7pm for you to select a dinner option out of salads, mains, pizza or a burger. On Saturdays the bar will be open from 12pm-7pm for you to come and get lunch or dinner.

By joining our weekly meals program, you also automatically become a UCX Member that lets you access exclusive offers and freebies throughout the year.

The subscription will be charged weekly from when you sign up and will end on week 15 of semester one. Meals can be redeemed in any combination of lunch or dinner. Unused meals don not carry over to the following week.

Signing up is easy, simply click the “sign up” button above, fill out your details and your form of payment. Then you will receive an email from us with your UCX membership that you will use to redeem your meals.